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Our design department

Our design department, a support to your project...

Our know-how inherited from a very long experience is the conception of the precast shapes, especially the DRILOK System, ensures us to offer you a support in the conception of your project.

Moreover, we are ready to move directly on site to identify the solution to your needs, and assist you in your approach.


With the monitoring of the production process and the expertise of the finished product ; the quality is guaranteed.

Confidence is built step by step. That’s why we put in place a policy of meticulous quality monitoring with a complete traceability from the raw material choice to the palletization.

We can check qualities of our products by following specifications along the production process.

Energy savings and our commitment to the environment

Our Research and Development team brings you the best solutions to get an important energy saving in the use of our products.

Our environment policy is to reduce as much as possible the ecological impact of our activity on the environment. That’s why we have developed the almost-complete recycling of our production waste.

And we get involved in a saving energy program, by providing our kilns with the new latest management robots and with the recovery of the heat.

In addition, we go further in our commitment in favour of the renewable energy by buying “green” electricity (contract “Equilibre” with EDF) and by using the sawdust in addition to the firing energy.

Tellus Ceram has integrated the sustainable development by acting in the social, environment and economic fields.

Contact our design office to support your projects :

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